Wines by the Glass


Cinsault, Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre and Pinotage; Delightfully sweet/spicy, with peppery berries, cherries, with a smooth start and a dry finish. Named after the pruning tool shown on the label, a "secateur".  
$7 / Glass


10 Span refers to the length of the wingspan of the endangered California condor, a local of this region. A portion of the proceeds are given to an organization dedicated to reintroduce the birds.
$5.50 / Glass


Soft and medium dry, a blended fortified wine made on an island 500 miles off the coast of Portugal, which is heated slowly for 90 days to create its specific elegant nuttiness. Boise - P7 / Eagle - P7
$4 / Glass


Grenache/Syrah from the famed Tavel appellation which produces only Rose; fresh and lively, with orange zest and rose petal on the nose, and blood orange, red currant and touch of spice on the finish. A deeper, longer finish than roses from Provencal, making this the rose to drink in cooler weather.
$7 / Glass

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