Chardonnay & Dessert Wine by the Bottle

CHARDONNAY has become the king of the white wines, as it is now the most popular white varietal in America. The grape is relatively easy to grow, and its flavors and characteristics are quite easy to manipulate using common vinification techniques. Characteristics can be influenced by the process known as “barrel fermentation” which often imparts the nuances of the oak, and can also assist in the conversion of the tart acid to a soft, lactic acid, which we refer to as “butter.” Many of the California Chardonnay produces have pursued this style, while the French have remained with their original method, eschewing the need for the oak and “butter” characteristics.

Bottle selections are of limited quantity and all vintages are subject to change. Photos shown may not represent the vintage we carry.


Salmon-Safe certified, single vineyard
$54 / Bottle

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