Unique Varietals by the Bottle

CAB FRANC: Cab Franc (Bouchet, Carmenet or Trouchet Noir) is not as full bodied or tannic as Cabernet, but it is more aromatic and herbaceous. Traditionally used for blending in Bordeaux style reds, it has become a tasty varietal on its own.

GRENACHE: A hearty grape used in most of the Spanish and French Blends. Grenache is light in color, sweet and fruity and low in tannins. A great sipping wine.

MALBEC: Originally a Bordeaux blending grape, it is now being produced in Argentina as a varietal. The wines are muscular with lots of berry and fruit ending with strong tannins.

MOURVEDRE: Also known as “Matato”, Mourvedre originated in Spain, but is now California’s “Work in Progress.” These wines are garnet-red, have a spicy, peppery characteristic, and feature tannins. Be the first to enjoy (and pronounce) this grape. (Chicks dig guys who can say Mourvedre.)

NEBBIOLO: Piedmont, Italy’s classic red grape. Also called Barolo, Barbaresco and Gattinara, depending on the growning region. Sometimes compared to red Burgundy in it’s delicacy, but this grape has age-worthy tannins, as well as aromas and flavors of cherries, tobacco and truffles.

PETITE SIRAH: There was a time when this was rumored to be a relative to Syrah, but this has been put to rest by those who care. It’s a descendant of the Rhone’s Duriff grape, which is near extinction. It’s a robust grape which results in big wines with lots of punch. And you’ll be pleased to know that this varietal is much happier in California than it ever was in France.

SANGIOVESE: Sangiovese (blood of Jupiter) originated in pre-Roman Tuscany, and is the predominate grape for Chiantis, and the exclusive grape in Brunellos. Sangioveses, which are new to Napa, are earthy with modest fruit and moderate tannins.

TEMPRANILLO: Traditionally the most famous red grape of Spain. Also known as Tinto Roriz in Portugal, where it is blended to create Port. Robust, spicy, with manly notes of leather and game. Fantastic with grilled meaty dishes, as well as mushrooms.


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Aged for ten years in oak and the bottle before release. Only made in exceptional vintages.
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