Bardenay House Martini

$ 7.00

The martini is more than "just a cocktail" and we recognize and honor it above all other cocktails. The vision of Bardenay was developed from a mutual friendship. We freeze the gin to ensure minimal dilution and pair it with Lillet Blanc, a delicate French aperitif we find much sexier than ordinary dry vermouth. Garnish choices: olives, blue cheese stuffed olives, Basque olives, tomolives, a twist or spicy garlic cloves. Shaken over ice & served up.

Cheese Board
A variety of artisanal cheeses with fresh fruit and glazed walnuts. Served with sliced artisan bread and extra virgin olive oil.
$ 10.50
Mediterranean Plate
Warm pita triangles served with pickled onions, cucumbers, hummus, baba gannoujh and sun-dried tomato tapenade.
$ 9.95
Charbroiled Salmon Fillet
Atlantic Salmon topped with a sun-dried tomato butter and paired with a side Caesar salad.
$ 12.95