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An Idaho Favorite

For more than 20 years, Bardenay has been a must-visit restaurant. Visitors and locals alike come to enjoy good food, drinks, and our great atmosphere.

Bardenay liquor and food
Cheeseburger with bacon and cheese

The original establishment is located in our brick warehouse on the unique Basque Block in downtown Boise, Idaho. History was made in December of 1999 when the Federal Government (the BATF) issued Bardenay the first distillery permit ever given to a distiller to operate in a public space. Further history was made on April 25th, 2000 when we served the first cocktail made with spirits crafted on the premises.

Today, each of our locations is a popular choice for lunch, dinner, weekend brunch, or a drink on the patio. With food that’s unique to Idaho and handcrafted cocktails that are unique to Bardenay, it’s an experience worth coming back for.

Photo of Bardenay team with Idaho Governor in 1999

Distillery Pub legislation signed by Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorn.

Apr 99

Bardenay creators making their first batch

The "distillery in a closet" is licensed by the Federal Government. At 60 square feet, recipe development begins...

Dec 99

Exterior of Boise location

The first cases of rum were sold to the state, bought back, and the first drink was sold!

Apr 00

Vodka bottle

Released summer of 2000, we believe our vodka is the first commercial vodka made from cane sugar in the U.S.

May 00

Dry gin bottle

After multiple attempts to get the gin formula approved (too many botanicals) the recipe is finally approved.

Aug 00

Exterior of Eagle Bardenay location

Our 2nd location - in Eagle, Idaho - opens November 2, 2003.

Nov 03

Lemon vodka bottle

Made with whole lemons and lemongrass, this product was only available in our bar until 2016 when it became available in Idaho liquor stores.

Jun 04

Exterior of Bardenay building

Our 3rd location - in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho - opens June 15, 2007.

Jun 07

Rye whiskey is added to the rum, resting in our Boise distillery. Tasting year TBD.

Jul 12

Ginger rum bottle

Distilled with fresh ginger, our ginger rum is the star of some of our most popular signature cocktails.

Aug 12

Strawberry liqueur bottle

Our Strawberry Liquor was released to rave reviews earning a “Highly Recommended” Silver medal and 89 points from Beverage Tasting Institute.

Aug 14

Banana liqueur bottle

Banana Liqueur was released using whole, ripened bananas in the process for a true banana flavor.

Aug 15

Cassis liqueur bottle

Our distillers and owner have spent the last 17 plus years perfecting the Cassis recipe. The finished product is a sweet, dark red liqueur to suit a sophisticated palate.

Jun 17

Cherry liqueur bottle

Made with organic cherries selected for their aroma and balanced flavor, this liqueur is a staff favorite.

Sep 17

Aged rum bottle

First placed in barrels in 2011, this rich, full flavored sipping rum is aged a minimum of 3-5 years.

Dec 19

Rye whiskey bottle

First placed in barrels in 2014. Bottled and released December 2020.

Dec 20

Bardenay Restaurant Distillery Liquor Spirits Gin Rum Vodka Boise Eagle Idaho

Bardenay Distilling Co. debuts new look (new sub-brand with reimagined packaging)

Jul 22