Spirits of the Northwest

Our on-site distilleries produce high-quality spirits made with the best care and ingredients.

An Image of the distillery and an image of a vodka bottle
A glass of vodka

Capturing the flavor of the northwest.

Each of our locations specializes in distilling different spirits. Boise crafts our ginger rum, amber rum, 4-year-aged rum, and Bottled in Bond rye whiskey. Our Coeur d’Alene location produces our vodka, and Eagle distills gin, lemon vodka, strawberry liqueur, banana liqueur, cherry liqueur, and cassis liqueur.

Each of our spirits is truly handcrafted. We make everything in small batches, and continually taste-test them ourselves to make certain they’re up to our standards. Our distilling process has grown and improved over our many years in business, but it still remains high-touch.

Learn more about our distillation process and the history of Bardenay as featured on “Out-Jakes” by Jake Blanchard.

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Our distillery standards.

  • All of our alcohol is fermented from sugars or starch and then distilled by us. We do not buy any alcohol made by others for use in our distillation process.
  • We use real fruits, berries, spices, and herbs to flavor our spirits.
  • Taste guides the process.
  • People, not machines, determine flavor. Every product is taste-tested at many points in the process to ensure correct flavors are achieved and maintained batch to batch. Quality and consistency are determined by the distillers’ taste, not technology.
Four different liquor bottles
Four different liquor bottles
Three different liquor bottles

Per Idaho law, we can only sell our fine spirits by the drink. If you’d like to purchase a bottle, please visit one of the many Idaho state liquor stores.

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