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Discover Bardenay Distilling Co.

Locally distilled to perfection, Bardenay Spirits are available statewide in Idaho liquor stores. Bring home the quality and excitement of Bardenay Spirits to enjoy at your leisure, or try a signature cocktail at one of the three Bardenay locations in Boise, Coeur d’Alene, and Eagle.

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Capturing the Flavor of the Northwest

The on-site distillation process ensures each spirit is truly handcrafted; taste testing in small batches achieves the highest quality and consistency. Bardenay Spirits are made with real fruits, herbs, and spices.

Each of our locations distills the following spirits:

  • Boise: Ginger rum, amber rum, aged rum, and rye whiskey.

  • Coeur d’Alene: Vodka

  • Eagle: Gin, lemon vodka, and all fruit-flavored liqueurs.

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About Bardenay Distilling Co. Spirits

Anchored in True Craft

As the nation’s first restaurant and distillery, Bardenay channels the spirit of adventure. Bardenay Spirits offer endless possibilities. The siren lures mischievous imbibers to partake in her spirits anchored in true craft. With a nod to the roots of deep-sea lore, we hold a drink in celebration.

Cheers to the next great adventure.

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