Beside Bardenay has been thoughtfully designed to be the center for your special event and private celebration. From wedding receptions and anniversary celebrations to wrap parties and holiday extravaganzas, we do more than accommodate you. We set the table for your event to be the one you and your guests never forget.

As the name indicates, Beside Bardenay shares the same roof as Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery on the 600 block of West Grove Street. Set in the heart of Boise’s famous Basque Block, Beside Bardenay is in walking distance to the downtown’s premier hotels and vibrant nightlife.

  •  over 3500 square feet
  • Able to accommodate sound system or musician setup
  • Patio access (optional)
  • Plated dinners – up to 80 guests
  • Wedding ceremonies – up to 90 guests
  • Wedding reception –  up to 150 guests
  • Buffet dinners – up to 115 guests
  • Cocktail parties – up to 150 guests

For reservations and rental details, please complete our Beside Bardenay information request form. A representative will be in touch within 1 business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beside Bardenay