As the nation’s first restaurant distillery, Bardenay set an industry precedent by combining a full service restaurant and bar with a distillery.  This unique combination gives us the ability to create handcrafted cocktails made from liquor made on-site. Now with three locations; Boise, Eagle and Coeur d’Alene, plus under license at the Boise Airport, Bardenay captures the spirit of Idaho and the Northwest.

Each of our locations specializes in distilling different spirits. Boise handles production of our ginger rum, amber rum, plus it has dark rum and rye whiskey aging but not yet ready for release.  Our Coeur d’Alene location produces our vodka and Eagle makes gin,  lemon vodka, strawberry liqueur, and lastly our newest addition, the banana liqueur. Try one of our many handcrafted cocktails in any of our locations or purchase a bottle at any Idaho state liquor store.

Bardenay is very beverage focused and our beverage program extends far beyond what we can make in our distilleries.   While many of our cocktails feature our own spirits, we carry a full selection of premium spirits from other producers.  To compliment these fine spirits, all of the citrus juices used in the bar are freshly squeezed in house.  The whipped cream is homemade too and we even stuff our blue cheese olives  by hand.  Served in the perfect stemware we strive to ensure the best flavors and aromas in each glass.  If liquor isn’t your thing, we have a Wine Spectator award winning list and a variety of beers on draught, can or bottle for you beer lovers.

Bardenay History

Bardenay is a term used loosely by sailors in place of the word cocktail. Even though our name means 'cocktail,' our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't stop at the bar. This commitment makes Bardenay the perfect place to meet friends or colleagues for drinks and appetizers or stop in for lunch or dinner and enjoy our casual northwestern style cuisine.

April 1999 Idaho Passes Distillery Pub Bill
Distillery Pub legislation signed by Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorn.
December 1999 Distillery Licensed
The "distillery in a closet" is licensed by the Federal Government. At 60 square feet, recipe development begins...
April 2000 First Restaurant
Distilled Spirits
On March 21, 2000 the distillery moved into its current space. On April 25, 2000, the first cases of rum were sold to the state, bought back, and the first drink was sold!
May 2000 Vodka Joins the Lineup
Released summer of 2000, we believe our vodka is the first commercial vodka made from cane sugar in the U.S.
Summer 2000 Gin is Finally Approved
After multiple attempts to get the gin formula approved (too many botanicals) the recipe is finally approved. We had to mock up a bottle and send it to the feds to analyze. In the end, they decided that it tastes like gin!
November 2003 Eagle
Location Opens
Our 2nd location - in Eagle, Idaho - opens November 2, 2003.
2004 Lemon Vodka Released
Made with whole lemons and lemon grass, this product was only available in our bar until 2016 when it became available in Idaho liquor stores.
June 2007 Coeur d'Alene
Location Opens
Our 3rd location - in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - opens June 15, 2007.
20XX Whiskey Rye in Barrel
Rye whiskey is added to the rum, resting in our Boise distillery. Tasting year TBD.
April 2014 Strawberry Liqueur Released
Earning a "Highly Recommended" Silver medal and 89 points from Beverage Tasting Institute, our first foray into fruit liqueur production is 'a concentrated fruity liqueur that will play perfectly in cocktails'.
August 2015 Banana Liqueur Released
Banana Liqueur was produced as an elevated alternative to the syrupy banana flavor on the market today. We use whole, ripened bananas in the process for a truly banana flavor.
June 2017 Cassis Liqueur Released
Our distillers and owner have spent the last 17 plus years perfecting the Cassis recipe. The finished product is a sweet, dark red liqueur to suit a sophisticated palate.
September 2017 Cherry Liqueur Released
Made with organic cherries selected for their aroma and balanced flavor, this liqueur is a staff favorite.