With three locations: Boise, Eagle and Coeur d’Alene, Bardenay captures the spirit of Idaho and the Northwest and is a cornerstone of Idaho’s restaurant and bar industry. The original establishment is located in a once-empty warehouse on the Historic Basque Block in downtown Boise, Idaho. On April 25th, 2000, history was made there when we served the first cocktail made with spirits created in house.  As the nation’s first restaurant distillery, Bardenay set a precedent with it’s full service restaurant and bar selling liquor handcrafted on-site.

Our distillers are happy to give tours as time allows. Please ask your server if you are interested in a closer look at our operations.

P.S. We are only allowed to sell our fine spirits by the drink. If you would like to purchase a bottle, you may do so at many of our Idaho state liquor stores.

The Distillation Process

Step 1.

Combine water, cane sugar, and yeast in the fermentation tank.

Mash Tun
Water Jug
0 gal
0 lbs
brown cane sugar
Step 2.

The fermentation process.

In 7–10 days the yeast consumes the sugar and converts it into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Mash Tun
Mash Tun
average alcohol
Step 3.

Transfer the wash to the still.

The liquid is put into the still
until it boils. 212° = Water turns
to vapor at rough.
167° = Alcohol turns
to vapor at rough.
Plates in the column
cool the vapor, creating
a temperature gradient.
Still Interior
Most of the vapor will
re-condense and drop back
down before it reaches the
top of the column.
Vapor that reaches the top
of the still is mainly alcohol.
Vapors that reach the top go
to the condensor and are
cooled back to the liquid state.
Step 4.

The liquid and alcohol, called "distillate" is
seperated into 3 groups as it is collected.

Heads About the first 5% is discarded.
Heads taste terrible.
Heart High proof alcohol
that meets our taste profile.
Tails Finishes the run. Like heads,
they taste bad.
Single Run of Rum Produces:
0.0 gal.
of usable alcohol
0 proof
Water must be added to bring it to 80 proof bottling strength.
Step 5.

Depending on what type of liquor you are
making, different ingredients are added.

Juniper Berries
Caraway Seeds
Citrus Shavings
Star Anise Seeds
Cardamon Seeds
All our spirits have their own unique ingredients
Step 6.

In Idaho, as per state law, all of our products are sold
to the state liquor dispensary. We then buy them back.

30,000 bottles produced annually
6 distillers working at
our three locations