Zinfandel by the Bottle

ZINFANDEL: Life would be great if our kids were like the Zinfandel grape, as it does whatever it’s asked to do. It’s not like the Pinot which has to be coddled or the Cabernet which has to be constantly reminded how great it is. You just plant it, and it aims to please.

For this reason, each Zinfandel seems to be unique in taste, taking on the properties of the location where it is grown. That’s why many of the great Zinfandel producers have so many different designations on their label.

The styles can be anywhere from light to robust, but all seem to share berrrylike and peppery flavors, and are quite often a little higher in alcohol content.

Bottle selections are of limited quantity and all vintages are subject to change. Photos shown may not represent the vintage we carry.

A family-owned, limited production winery; big, dense and juicy
$70 / Bottle

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